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ISM Radio IP

High Performance Sub-1GHz ISM Radio IP

Silicon Vision, SVITRX40X family is a highly integrated, low power, high performance Multiband Radio Transceiver IP covering the 415/433/868/915/950MHz ISM bands (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) and compatible with both the IEEE 802.15.4G and Chinese State Grid Q/GDW (Micro-Power Wireless Protocol) standards.

SVITRX40X contains an integrated programmable power amplifier, and receiver with high sensitivity with programmable data rate from 2kbps to 200kbps. SVITRX40X is an ideal solution for longer-range low data rate applications and is widely used in smart meters.

The integrated hardware protocol accelerator and encryption (AES-256) co-processor offload time critical protocol functions from the application microcontroller, enabling the implementation of advanced and robust wireless connectivity with low cost 3rd party microcontrollers.


  • Smart Cities
  • Metering systems (AMR)
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Industrial control
  • Road Toll collocation
  • Remote sensing Network
  • Toys
IP Name Process Status Standard
SVI-TRX402T TSMC-180nm Silicon Verified IEEE.802.15.4G
SVI-TRX402S SMIC-180nm Silicon Verified IEEE.802.15.4G
SVI-TRX403T TSMC-180nm Silicon Verified China State Grid
SVI-TRX403S SMIC-180nm Silicon Verified China State Grid